Travel Insurance – A Must Have For Travelers To The United States


Scuba diving offers adventure seekers the chance to explore unknown destinations more thoroughly, and in more ways than non-dive travelers can. DAN, an industry leader in travel safety and risk management, has therefore extended its Travel Insurance coverage into the realm of travel health and accident avoidance. Its Travel Health Insurance quotes provide information about several different DAN travel insurance policies that combine the security of a comprehensive travel plan with the assurance that any emergency hospitalization that may occur will be paid for by the DAN policy. DAN Travel Insurance policies pay up to one million pounds (U.S.) for medical emergencies, recovery time from illness and injury, lost belongings and other major losses resulting from an accident or trip delay.

Coverage is provided by the DAN Travel Insurance policy when traveling to more than one destination. These include all U.S. ports of call where you depart from and arrive, as well as any point along your journey where you travel. Coverage is not available in the case of travel between Canada and the United States. You need to purchase separate travel insurance policies for each of these points.

Some of the DAN travel insurance policies provide coverage for medical emergencies, legal expenses, lost or delayed baggage and missed connections. It also covers the costs of airfare, taxi fares to and from the airport, as well as the cost of taxi fare to your hotel. In the case of a medical emergency, medical care would be delivered within twelve hours at a designated hospital. If you become unconscious during this period or if you are unable to communicate with anyone because of physical damage or illness, you will be flown to a U.S. hospital that accepts your type of coverage. In the case of an emergency evacuation, this coverage will pay the cost of transporting you to a destination of your choice. The benefits of this coverage are extended to you and your family members, but not to passengers or other individuals.

In addition, the DAN travel insurance policy will also pay up to twenty percent of the cost of a second passport. As a member, you can use the second passport for diving safety and legal purposes. If you are injured while diving, you will be compensated financially. Dan Diving Month is a time when organizations such as DAN conduct awareness programs in support of safe diving.

While travelling outside your country, you will need to have travel insurance that provides coverage for emergencies such as deaths during rescue operations, natural disasters and medical emergencies. Travel insured products provide coverage in the case of death, dismemberment, theft, terrorism and political violence. Furthermore, scuba travel insurance covers medical expenses and loss of limbs and paralysis that result from accidents. It also includes costs of rehabilitation, including physiotherapy.

Scuba travel insurance will also cover you from the financial consequences of injuries caused by falling objects, explosions and other dangerous circumstances. Travel insured products also offer coverage for financial risk involving baggage, personal belongings and travel-related services. This type of coverage usually includes loss of rental vehicle privileges, refundable tickets and reimbursement of other expenses not covered by the policy. Dan Diving Month is an organization devoted to raising funds for scuba divers who are unable to dive due to health issues, environmental issues or financial hardship. Other coverage options provided by travel insurance policies include reimbursement of air fare, fees for insurance, loss of income, legal assistance and funeral expenses.

When you take out Dan Diving Month cards, you will be able to participate in different events hosted by divers from all over the world. These include diver confrontations, competitions and exhibitions. Dan Diving Month participants can earn bronze, silver and gold medals. The bronze medal is the most coveted one as it represents a year of deep travel and cultural immersion. In addition to the travel insurance coverage that covers medical emergencies, recreational activity and accident assistance, the participating divers receive additional benefits such as legal assistance, hospitalization and other emergency medical evacuation assistance.

Travel insurance offers a wide variety of benefits, coverage and discounts. Therefore, it is a good idea to compare various travel insurance policies. You can obtain an instant online quote by visiting a travel insurance comparison site. A good travel insurance comparison site will not only provide you with an online quote but will also provide information on various discount schemes, which will be of great help if you are planning a trip to the United States, Canada or many European countries. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you compare different insurance products before buying a travel insurance policy in order to get the best coverage at the lowest rate.