Advice From a Travel Medical Insurance Expert


Looking for the best travel medical insurance companies on the web is a very tough task. There are so many different ones out there that it can be hard to sort through them all. Luckily, I’ve been doing this for several years now and have developed a method that I use to sift through the vast amount of options available. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than just picking up the phone and calling each company.

To get the best travel insurance deals, we first evaluated dozens of plans offered by 20 different providers. Then, we scored them all across several criteria to determine final rankings. Our final rankings were determined by looking at plan details, how easy the process was to navigate, overall price, claims payout rate and if the provider offered any valuable support services like assistance with local accommodation and evacuation arrangements in the event of an illness or emergency back home. We also wanted to ensure that the health travel insurance plan was cost effective as well as offering effective cover for travel in general.

After our selection process, we used the same online travel insurance tool to create a realistic scenario for each individual using the plan. For instance, did we want to consider pre-existing conditions? What type of medical issues were we concerned about? And, perhaps most importantly, were we willing to travel abroad under the care of a primary care physician or would we prefer to see a specialized physician while away on business? Once we had determined these answers, we could begin the evaluation process.

During this stage, we considered the specific medical benefits offered by each travel insurance cover. Some plans included major medical coverage. Other options provided less comprehensive coverage. We wanted to make sure we had adequate health coverage should the need arise.

One of the best medical insurance products available today is a credit card travel benefit package. Many credit cards offer high interest rates for credit card purchases overseas. It became clear that paying high interest rates for medical benefits while on an international trip was not a viable option for many travelers. In order to pay for the basic cost of treatment while away on an international trip, many credit card travelers resorted to cash transactions or purchased prepaid travel insurance. If you travel frequently, it may be difficult for you to purchase a credit card with a one year annual fee, especially if your credit card company is not offering one. In addition, prepaid travel insurance packages are very beneficial if you anticipate an emergency medical situation during your trip.

We wanted to find a plan that allowed for pre-existing conditions and other benefits such as emergency room visits. The best medical insurance USA, BCPS included emergency room visits as a benefit. It is important for emergency room visits to be included in the travel health insurance package. Emergency room visits are especially important during trips abroad because of the limited access to medical care that you will experience during your time away from home.

Another benefit that was important to us was the additional coverage for lost luggage. Most of us carry a significant amount of personal property with us when on vacation. You never know when you will lose something of particular value. If you travel often, you probably already have a substantial amount of your personal property with you. You should consider purchasing atlas travel insurance that includes coverage for lost luggage.

Finally, we purchased trip cancellation insurance. This insurance provides coverage for a variety of events that could potentially have an effect on your trip. Trip cancellation coverage generally provides coverage for flights being overbooked, medical emergency coverage during refuelling, coverage for recreational activities that are canceled without prior notice, and coverage for extended stays in hotels that are overbooked. The atlas travel insurance that we purchased covered these three scenarios very well. In fact, it covered them all!